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Your child can become the Next Idol

  • Spardha Idol is the FIRST GLOBAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE PLATFORM for young musicians to showcase their skills.
  • Exposing your children to a live performance stage gives them a sense of pride and achievement. With this aim, we have created a platform that allows students to showcase their skills and elevate their music performance skills.
  • To boost the confidence, creativity and focus of our participants, we provide unparalleled exposure and feature them on the RADIO MIRCHI platform.
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  • Learn Vocals and Instrument from our professional teachers.
  • We offer personalised curriculums to suit you at the level you are at.
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"Thanks Guys, I am happy that I got a chance to perform on stage. I understood my mistakes and now I can perform better next time with more confidence."

Shalin Gupta


"This is the first time Rakshit has performed on a stage like this. I thank Spardha for giving my son this opportunity."

Rakshit’s mom


Discover Your True Potential - Join the Global Digital Music Competition

Are you all set to showcase your musical talent to the world? Then, look no further than the Spardha Idols digital music competition. Here the stage is all ready for musicians of all backgrounds and genres to shine. It is more than showcasing skills this digital competition offers a plethora of opportunities for artists to grow, connect, and thrive in the world of music.

In today's interconnected landscape of digital platforms, the music industry with its numerous opportunities for artists to reach audiences across the world. The competition recognizes the importance of the digital landscape and offers a virtual stage specially designed for amplifying talent from each corner of the world.

Even if you are a part of a band, a solo artist, or an electronic producer this world's best competition will be your best gateway to international awards and accolades.

What are the benefits of participating in the digital music competition?


Participants can gain exposure to a variety of music lovers professionals and major collaborators across the globe.

Better networking opportunities

Participants can easily connect with film musicians, industry experts, and producers who can nurture their relationships to propel careers ahead.

Feedback and growth

Get constructive feedback from contestants judges that will help you to refine your craft and emotion as an artist.

Join us in the Digital Music Revolution!

Never miss this chance to be a part of the global digital music competition.

Whether you are a solo artist practicing in your bedroom studio or an experienced band ready to perform and shake audiences, this competition will be your opportunity to start on the international music platform.

So, register now and let your music be showcased across the globe….

Together, let us shape the future of music in the advanced digital age.